Wooden Race Track

Wooden Race Track is a cool in Madrid based company that produces racetrack shapes made from wood. They have all the popular racetracks worldwide in their program. 

All shapes are made of high quality wood and painted in black. You can have these with track names and also with a small picture frame. So you can also add your favorite photo.

Depending on how much space you have on your wall, there is the right size (small, medium, large). Nurburgring and Isle of Man are only available in medium and large. The size of the picture frame depends on the size of the shape, 10x15 cm for small shapes and 15x20 cm for medium and large shapes.

Bring your favorite racetracks to your home or office. Simply select your desired size, whether you would like a track name and picture frame and write us which track you would like by mail (office@motorsport-daily24,com) or via the "Additional information" field during the checkout process.

Choose a variant:

Starting at 49.90 €