Hallo and welcome...

...in the world of engines, races and circuits!

My name is Andrea Maier. I am entrepreneur, manager and coach. But I got also another life where it is all about motorsport.

On Facebook and Instagram you find the latest photos, together with information and stories. Our Facebook Group is a place where all meet who share my passion or even surpass. I am at the races, Formula and my favorite series (PCCD, PMSC, ADAC GT Masters, NLS/VLN etc.), as far as possible live at the race tracks. Since July 2020 I am working as flag marshal too, for now at Red Bull Ring, completely new perspectives and amazing experiences.

The picture left shows my favorite art work, Sebastian Vettel on canvas. Ivan Ivanov (VANSZVAN, Bulgarien) has painted it.

In my shop you find special pieces and experiences around motorsports.

Have fun browsing and shopping!