Hello and welcome...

...in the world of engines, races and circuits!

My name is Andrea Maier. I am entrepreneur, manager and coach. But I got also another life where it is all about motorsport.

Motorsport became a passion that I live. Whenever possible, I am live at race tracks in order to experience Formula 1, 2 and 3, MotoGP and my favorite racing series (PCCD, PMSC, ADAC GT Masters, NLS / VLN etc.) first hand. There are a lot more race series which I all find exciting...

Since July 2020 I am working as flag marshal too, for now at Red Bull Ring, completely new perspectives and amazing experiences. 

On Instagram, Facebook, TwitterYouTube and TikTok I share the latest photos and videos, together with information and stories. Our Facebook Group is a place where all meet who share my passion or even surpass.

In my shop you find very special items around motorsports. Have fun browsing and shopping!