RZ59E Ceramic Engine Protector (300 ml)

Engineered with Boron Ceramic Nanotechnology to Provide a Layer of Protection for Engine Parts. Provide Maximize Protection Levels and Performance. Dramatically Reduce Engine Wear. Excellent Heat Dissipation.

RZ Ceramic Engine Protector is a highly performance engine oil additive that provides engine with the utmost level of protection; with a superior performance even under the most extreme conditions.

→ High-tech ceramic wear protection that prevents direct metal-on-metal with excellent heat dissipation
→ Lubricating film on the most critical and wear-sensitive parts of the engine
→ Improves efficiency, horse power/torque and top speed
→ Provide maximize protection levels and performance
→Suitable for turbo/supercharged engines and High Performance engines

Price per liter: 36.63 €

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