RZ30G Octane Booster (300 ml)

Octane Booster is 2 in 1 Advanced Formula 8 RON Octane Improver with Complete Fuel System Cleaner and Protection for Gasoline Engine.

RZ Octane Booster is a New 2 in 1 formulation with 8 RON octane improver with complete fuel system cleaner and protection.

→Tested and Proven to boosts octane and cleans the fuel intake system to restore lost performance
→Performance Enhancer, boosts the power and acceleration of the engine and more horsepower
→ Clean fuel burn for fewer emissions
→Safe to use in any engine, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
→ Protection against wear and tear on valve seats and discharge valves
→Improve fuel system and combustion efficiency
→Increased fuel economy

Price per liter: 33.30 € 

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