RZ20E Engine Flush (300 ml)

Removes Deposits and Sludge for Improved Efficiency. Helps Restore Fuel Economy and Reduce Emissions in Gasoline and Diesel Engines.

RZ Engine Flush is engineered with advance cleaning technology to remove accumulated gums, varnishes, and sludge from internal engine parts.

→ Helps loosen sticky valves and rings, minimizing blow-by and reducing emissions
→ Gentle and rapid cleaning
→ Neutral to seals, gaskets or rubber impellers. → Dissolve and disperse harmful deposits
→ Improve engine performance and helps to restore engine compression
→ Fuel economy and lower emissions
→ Prolongs equipment life
→ Prevents corrosion of unprotected metal surfaces
→ Suitable for all type of engines

Price per liter: 26.63 € 

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