BlubbaBOX is the special box with everything you need for the professional care of your vehicle, great products, easy to use.

BlubbaBOX has developed and put together these high-quality care products for you from years of personal use. In the boxes you will find the perfect products for the interior and exterior care of your vehicle.

BlubbaBOX (outside cleaning)

...for the entire outdoor area

500 ml Pre-Cleaner
500 ml Glass Cleaner
500 ml High Gloss Detailer
500 ml Rim Cleaner PH-neutral
250 ml Shampoo
7 grid cloths
detail brush
car sponge

BlubbaBOX (inside cleaning)

...for the entire interior

500 ml Allstar Interior
500 ml Glass Cleaner
500 ml Anti-Calc
500 ml Cockpit Care
250 ml Car Perfume Tropical Fruits
7 grid cloths
detail brush
application sponge

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